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University is the first start of a whole new chapter of every personís life. As I began university and walked through the doors for the first day I took a deep breath and could feel my future approaching. There is one moral that I have learnt is that, Beginning College doesnít mean that you just begin school to be in school, it means youíre contemplating your future and beginning a task that would create your life. I felt a sense of apprehension for the reason that I was naÔve of university life and what the lecturerís prospects were concerning my course. More so, The University Familiarity was the biggest adaptation I have had to make in my life in this semester was moving to college Hall and from one lecture room to another. Itís totally different from high School setting, but a world with few rules, with nobody looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do. Although some of the students are very shy. Some of them look very laddish. They like wear miniskirts, high heels, sit elegantly. However, some of them just always act like men s. They love having long hair, wear jeans, sit and walk like a man. May be it is also one of the special atmosphere inside universityís ladies. No matter their characteristics or appearance, it is quite extreme. All of us attend lectures together. Actually it helps me a lot to get along with people in different characteristics and be optimistic when I will decide to look for a good partner to share my responsibility with in the future. here's the ending to the story based on the reader's choice.