family history

I was born in the year 1994 and I am the second child from my parents. Out of the six children, there are four girls and two boys. I come from a poor background. Both my father and mother did not go to school. My father was a staunch catholic until the time of his death. He died in 2016 at the time when I was in senior six. He died at the age of 51 with lung cancer. I do not know the religion of my mother though she goes to the church every Sunday but I could not understand her religious faith at all. Out of the six children, I am the only one who had chance to go further with education. All the other children are already married except the last born and the second that are still struggling with education but with little success. I am struggling hard to ensure that they may acquire the basic education knowledge that will help them to become fruitful to the society that they belong.

my educational history

I began school from pagik primary school in 2003 when I was still a sighted person and when I became blind, my father took me to Gulu primary school in 2006. I was in primary four previously by the time I lost my sight. I got frustrated at first thinking that would be the end of my life and my education as well. But with time when I started making new friends since I had lost all my friends, I realized the fact that however much someone is disable, can still be vital to the community so long as he is given the aid that is essential for him to accomplish his goal in life. From that time I started concentrating in class and I never repeated any class right from the time I lost my sight. From Gulu primary I performed well and I went to iganga secondary school with the support of Sandra Washburn for both O and A-level where I also performed well. I got 25 aggregates and 18 points in a-level. I am now at Makerere University doing a bachelor of arts with education. I love teaching and it was my dream before I had lost my vision. I know that I will make a good teacher and I will be worthy and patient to work with my students. I am now working as a peer teacher for computer and the students I deal with them love me so much because of my articulateness. I know with the “html” knowledge I am getting, my computer skills will improve and I will be able to help my students better than I could. I would like to appreciate Sandra Washburn for all that she is doing with her team. I pray that God may help them abundantly for their benevolence to the poor people not only in this country, but in the whole world.

Blind, blind, blind

From which part of the world do you come? Is it my fault that I was born blind? Did I do any mistake that I was made blind? Did my parents sin agonist God that I was born blind? If not so then, why did you made me blind

Blind, blind, blind

Ho God why did you made me blind Is it that people should see me and I do not see them?

Blind, blind, blind

My dear brothers and sisters It is very painful to be born blind Please, may you support us where you can so that we may become also be productive in the community and stand aloof in the future. I have said this For God and my country

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